Plastic Pollution: Fashion Brands Join Forces for a Sustainable Future

26 Nov

Plastic waste has been one of the biggest threats long faced by the oceans and marine life.

The environmental footprint of the fashion industry has gained much attention in the face of the plastic crisis. As we move towards a more educated and conscious world where brands are becoming more environment-friendly, we find the fashion and beauty brands stepping into the ‘green’ door of saving the world from the plastic pollution crisis.


UK charity, Ellen MacArthur Foundation with support of UN Environment has led the way to make companies sign a global commitment to end plastic waste and pollution. It is time to make tangible efforts of ‘going green’. According to UNEP, it is estimated that if current plastic pollution rates are not reduced, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. We need to upstream to identify the source of plastic pollution in the oceans.


The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment aims to reduce plastic pollution with considerable rates by taking global measures. It includes measures to eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging and maximizing recycled plastic. Amongst the fashion and beauty industry, Burberry, L’Oreal, Stella McCartney, H&M, Zara and Dove have aligned themselves closely to the initiative to beat plastic pollution.


Marco Gobbett, Burberry CEO expressed his responsibility,“Plastic waste and pollution is one of the most pressing environmental concerns of our age”.


Beauty and fashion giants have pledged to combat plastic waste but we are still far from completely addressing this global emergency and therefore require more support from the global community. However, this is a great step towards a sustainable future by combating the harrowing statistic of plastic waste in the oceans.





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