With the current climate, competition has become fierce (at least in the digital media space) but only because we keep thinking small, we keep investing in low hanging fruits and don't invest enough in expanding our reach or client industry niche.

How do you increase your client portfolio?

The process can be relatively easy, besides knowing who your ideal customers are, it is also good to understand their appetite for what it is you're offering.

- Is there a need for your product or service?

- Are you able to customize and adapt according to where the client is in their business journey and to create new opportunities for the growth phase?

Before evaluating the external factors, evaluate your current roadmap for client sourcing:

  1. What type of work would you like more of?

  2. What type of customers make the biggest purchases?

  3. Who are the greatest drain/strain on your resources?

  4. What is your competitive advantage, are you swimming in the blue ocean or the red ocean?

Well, if you haven't thought about it before here are a few easy steps to take to acquiring new clients:

1. Identify your ideal client not just your target client, start by categorizing your customers by gender, income level, education level, and occupation.

2. Describe your client in detail, what are their challenges and successes, where do their obstacles intersect with your expertise? Validate with market research, use real-life data.Then take stock of the types of behaviors your customers most typically have. Are there similarities in their personality types, values, or lifestyle choices? What about their hobbies and interests?

3. Home Coming, where does your ideal client exist, meet where your clients are. For example, if your customers are primarily retirement age, it makes no sense to try and advertise to them on Instagram. Most of them are not using Instagram, and your efforts would be wasted.

If you think that you can simply create a great product and then just try to sell it to everyone, you will quickly find yourself burning through your sales budget…with very little to show for it. Your ideal client needs very little persuasion.

While the process may seem tedious, this identification process is critical if you want to spend your time reaching the people who are most likely to buy from you.

Once you have done the due diligence on your ideal client, if you can address their frustrations and struggles in a way that feels genuine to them, they’ll want to hear the solution that you have.

Targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right value proposition, means you are going in with the value you have to offer the client, rather than having them assume you're just in it for the money.